About Us

Virtual Global Staff started our venture in 2006, from Hyderabad, India. Starting out with a few people by our side, we won the hearts of many businesses looking to streamline their business functions while improving operational efficiencies. We went on fulfilling their desires for a scalable business at reduced expenditure.

Today, we are a proud team of more than 400+ employees allowing hundreds of businesses to outsource their vital operations to India. Our team of perfectionists is employed from diverse domains including, Software Development and IT, Sales and Marketing, Creative and Designing, Writing and Translation, Finance and Accounting, and Admin and Customer Support.

Who We Are

We are India’s leading offshore outsourcing service providers who help organizations offload their business functions at low costs and high productivity. Clients across the globe consult with us to fulfill their workforce needs. Owing to the solutions we provide, our clientele is spread across industries like Healthcare, Education, IT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Back Office, Staffing, Recruitment, and more.

What We Do

We provide full-time, dedicated virtual teams for a variety of business functions to help organizations save on their operational costs and scale their business with increased productivity. While we offer remote teams to work for our clients, they have full control over their management, maintenance, and work quality.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best outsourcing solutions to our clients so they can concentrate on their business growth while we back their operational efficiencies. With our proficient virtual team, we want our clients to take their business to the next level without adding dollars to their budget. We keep on updating our solutions to beat the competition for our clients and are dedicated to serving them better.

Our Vision

We could see ourselves being established as the world’s top outsourcing services provider. Our vision is to lead our industry with proven track records of providing scalable, reliable, and profitable outsourcing solutions to businesses across the world. We are growing with every passing day and our clientele is expanding across countries. In the next few years, we aim to rule over the globe with our brand helping businesses trigger their growth.

Our Values

Our values form the basis of our existence today and beyond.


Our clients blind-foldedly rely on us to help them with their business operations. We maintain our integrity by staying firm to what we promise to them.


We have a crystal-clear process for onboarding clients and selecting teams. We maintain a healthy and transparent process throughout our interaction.

Value Creation

We never let money overrule the way we work. Our services are always inclusive of the highest quality deliverables in terms of workforce and their capabilities.


No matter how close relationships we build with our clients, we always maintain a clear line of professionalism in between to stay honest to our work and promises.


We take complete responsibility for all our services and the teams employed at our clients’ services. Should anything interrupt the flow, we are always ready to resolve.