Bridge the gap between you and your audience with our writing and translation services

Writing and Translation

You have worked really hard to create an amazing product or service. But, if you are not able to connect with your customers, how would you convince them to buy it? That’s why you need to have content that grabs your audience’s attention and tells them about your product or service.
With the help of writing services, get content for your blog, social media, newsletters, emails, white papers, press releases, and much more. Gain more traffic on your website (and eventually, hot leads) through interactive content.
And of course, you cannot underestimate the power of translation, when it comes to growing globally. Reach out to your customers or target countries in a language they speak and understand – more effective way of connecting with them.

Writing and translation services we offer

Each business is different, so are the writing and translation needs. Here are the different services that we offer:


Do you know what our in-house team will of copywriting experts do? They will activate your target audience through pitch-perfect, SEO optimized content and copy of your business. Get content matching exactly your expectations while creating a precise brand tone.

Creative Writing

Creative writing revolves around writing content isn’t just professionally sound, but also relates directly on an emotional basis. Our creative writing team ensures that you get relevant content that conveys your message and creates an interpersonal connection with the audience.

Website Translation

Get your personal websites, photo sharing websites, writers/authors website, mobile device websites, e-commerce website, informational websites, or any other websites – translated to/from any language spoken globally. Our website translation team is always there to find a solution to your translation needs. 


When going global, you must adapt to your foreign audience. Our localization team will help you translate important documents such as marketing brochures, product information leaflets, blogs, and other content into any language easily understood by your new target audience – with zero scope of any embarrassing mistake in the content.


With years of experience, the editorial team at Virtual Employee has been trusted with hundreds of documents from across the world. Our quality assurance process for proofreading is rigorous, and all our process match the global standards, without any fail.

Technical Translation

Whether you need a technical translation expert to convert your user manual from German to English or your AutoCAD drawings from English to Chinese, our technical translation team is here to do it for you. Get your manuals, guides, drawings, specifications, patents, or standards translated from any language, and to any language!

Content Writing

Fulfil all your content needs through our content writing team of professional and expert writers. Before beginning to write, our team conducts market research, industry benchmarking, develops brand voice, and finally write the content that sells. Get a crisp, plagiarism-free, and grammatically correct copy every time!


Our sales and marketing services are backed by professionals who are experts in their fields

Years of experience

At Virtual Global Staff, each of the writers and translators holds years of expertise in their domain to ensure that you get content that converts leads into paying customers.

Strict deadlines

Get your content delivered on time, every time with the Virtual Employees team. We strictly adhere to the deadlines, without comprising on the quality of the content.


SEO optimized writing

SEO is not everyone’s cup of team, and without SEO, writing for the web is incomplete. Our team develops well-optimized content – just right for search engines, and above all, your readers.


Here are the reasons why you should partner with us for your content needs:


We ensure that our packages and pricing is pocket-friendly without creating any burden on our clients.


We are scalable and flexible when it comes to fulfilling your business requirements, be it the project size or project deadline.

No secrets

We give full control of all aspects of the project – style, tone, structure, and everything else so that you get it done just the way you want.