Various departments within a business are entrusted with various roles and responsibilities. All of these roles are critical to the growth of your business and, therefore, must be managed effectively.
The admin and customer support services play a crucial role when you are scaling your business, and it gets important to keep adequate records of everything going inside your business.

At Virtual Global Staff, we provide tailored solutions to meet your business’s fundamental needs. Whether you are a start-up or a big enterprise, we are here to serve you with the best services.

Admin and customer support services we offer

You can leverage our admin and customer support services that are tailored to meet your business requirements. Services include:


Get our error-free transcription services at affordable rates with the fastest turnaround time. With more than hundreds of satisfied clients, our transcription team ensures complete data security and privacy. Our streamlined transcription process will ease the way you manage your workflow.

Customer support

If you are looking for frontline support, backline support, or back-office support, the customer support team at VE is your solution. Our scalable cost-saving support services will cover all your needs without any extra payments. It’s time to take a step towards optimizing your business processes without having to invest in human resources and infrastructure.

Annual reports

Annual reports are an important document created during the year. Virtual Employee’s team of experts will ensure that the reports are such that they leave an impact on the reader. We create reports that are unique while enforcing your brand or business’s message.

Press releases

The experienced team at Virtual Global Staff ensures that they share the most interesting and commercially relevant press releases with each client. Ranging from the latest global business tech to organization-oriented strategies, you can reach out to us with your requirements and preferences.

Data entry

Whether it is online data entry, offline data entry, logistics data entry, image data entry, manual data entry, copy paste data entry, directory, invoice and bill data entry processing, application forms data entry – our team is here to serve you with their expertise and accuracy. They ensure the fastest turnaround time with minimum errors.

Internal communication

No matter how big or small your company is, it is tough to keep everyone on the same page. Our internal communication support team will ensure that all your employees come on the same page. We will ensure that your message is more digestible and appealing to your employees.

Draft documents

Effective legal documentation is extremely crucial for the better functioning and growth of any business. The team at VE, therefore, understands the industries and sectors while preparing effective documentation and drafting of binding contracts amongst the concerned parties.


Our admin and customer support services are different from others in the following aspects:

In-depth process knowledge

We have years of experience in providing admin and customer support services to various companies across the globe. Our considerable process knowledge and expertise will enhance your business processes to a great extent.


Our professional team always sticks to the deadlines, conducts themselves with integrity, and is aware that they are a part of your business so that they put their best foot forward.

Technology and equipment

When you partner with us, you have access to our tools and tech so that you need not spend money in setting up infrastructure or hiring and training resources.


Here are the reasons why you should partner with us:

Time zone advantage

We are here to serve you round the clock and 365 days. When you partner with us, you get desired output in real-time with a specified turnaround time.

Reduce costs and risk

By choosing VGS, you save costs on tech, hiring staff, and infrastructure and also minimize the risk of obsolescence.


Scalable services

Each of our services is scalable and flexible to meet your needs as you scale your business processes.