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IT Development

In the software development world, hiring dedicated development and IT teams is always considered a good practice. It is the first choice of various business owners and institutions worldwide.
Also, if your core business is not a technology or if you are planning to augment your existing development team, outsourcing can be helpful because of not just its commercial viability but other important factors as well. The professional development and IT team will use its experience and capabilities to deliver secure and guaranteed products at the end. When you go for dedicated development teams, you get products that are cost-effective and scalable, flexible, and adaptable.

At Virtual Global Staff, we understand your requirements and deliver products that users will love to get hooked to – while you can focus on your core business processes.

Development services we offer

Get world-class development services from our following IT experts with years of experience

Java Developers

Our Java developers have a perfect blend of skill sets and experience to offer custom Java development services to businesses. Get high-end B2C and B2B Java apps for better business and enhanced customer satisfaction.

iOS Developers

Turn your idea of any iPhone or iPad application into reality with our dedicated team of iOS developers. Each of the team members has years of experience in developing iOS apps catering to different industries.

Data Scientists

At Virtual Global Staff, we have a dynamic team of data scientists who use their innovative approach to deal with your business problems. All of them are adept at using the latest tools and technologies present in the market.

SQL Developers

Our SQL developers will help you develop database solutions to optimize the stored procedures while giving suggestions to improve and speed up your existing processes for better outcomes.

PHP Developers

Our PHP developers are here to enhance your development process with their skills. Get quicker deployment of projects within stipulated time-frame and with better quality.

JavaScript Developers

Our JavaScript developers are here to understand your exact requirements and offer suitable solutions to help your business reach new heights. Get quality and reliable solutions with a JavaScript framework at affordable costs.

QA Engineers

A QA engineer is responsible for reviewing the end product’s quality and integrity before being deployed for customer use. Our experienced QA engineers ensure that you get efficient review moderation and added accountability.

Infrastructure Engineers

Our talented infrastructure engineers will help you build, manage, and scale your infrastructure as per your needs and preferences. Use their skills and talent to scale your business to new levels.


Our development services are backed by professionals who are experts in their fields

Unmatched project scalability

Our development and IT teams ensure that your project is scalable and offers as much resource flexibility and adaptability as possible to handle your business processes effectively including smooth customer journey.

Self-managed team culture

Each of our team members takes full ownership over their work with a minimum follow-up needed. They ensure that you get your project to deliver in a stipulated time without compromising on the quality.


Full security to your developments

Ensuring your data and privacy security is our topmost priority, and we strictly maintain the guidelines. Our development and IT teams ensure that they develop projects without any leaks to ensure optimum security.


What sets us apart from others in the market is

Experienced team

We understand how valuable is an experienced team when it comes to managing your business. That’s why each of our team members holds years of experience in their domain so that you can get the best of services.

Value for money

At Virtual Employee, we offer affordable and high-quality services to meet your business demands. Not only that, each of our services is customized according to your industry and business preferences.


Transparency is a key to the success of any project. Keeping that in mind, we ensure that we involve you during each phase of the project so that you are always connected. Get control of all aspects of the project – from start to end – for enhanced transparency and outcomes.