Got a few questions about our service and working with virtual staff?

You may appreciate the collection below containing several frequently asked questions. The questions have been answered with all the necessary details. Please note that going through these details is essential before signing up for our service’s better experience. So, make sure you go through this thoroughly to have a clear picture of the benefits you will get while looking for your ideal virtual staff!
Get in touch with our team if you have any further queries or questions you do not find in the collection below. We will be happy to hear from you!
How long does it usually take for the whole process to complete?
The recruitment process at our organization usually takes 7 to 14 days. However, the process can sometimes stretch depending upon your requirements, such as – desired experience criteria, our current number of candidates, and by when we get to hear back from you. It can also fluctuate depending upon various criteria such as job description, eligibility requirements, etc. We hope you understand that sometimes it’s better to wait for a few more days to find the best fit for your staff!
Can I expect some training for my virtual employee?

We do not directly offer training to the virtual employees for your purpose. However, it is essential to note that all the VEs finalized by us for you already carry the required eligibility and experience in the roles you need them to fulfill for your purpose. But since every business owner has a different perspective and process for a particular thing, you may have to invest some time and resources to make them familiar with your work culture, especially on any role or performance you want to be fulfilled for your business. Once it becomes understandable to them and they get familiar with how things are supposed to be done, it will be a cakewalk for them too!

Do you contribute to compensating my virtual employee?

No, you do not help you to pay your virtual employee. The candidate you select as a VE using a service is your direct employee. Since they do not work for us, we don’t contribute to compensating or VE in any manner. It’s entirely on your part and between the two of you – how much and when the payment has to be made.

What are the possibilities in case my VE fails to understand the tasks I assign them?

This is a significantly less possibility of this happening often. However, your India-based virtual employee selected through the Virtual Global Staff service will be available at your service. The candidate will be fluent in English with excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Moreover, they will have skills and experience in their respective domain for you as well. Therefore, except for certain situations when your virtual assistant may need more clarity on certain things, the virtual employee suggested above can assist.

What happens if the final candidates you select for me are not suitable?

This should not certainly happen regularly. However, suppose you do not like to select your VE from the initial best of final candidates we shortlist for you. In that case, we will provide you a guaranteed 10 day trial with another three candidates. It will be completely free of cost. Moreover, suppose you are still not satisfied with the candidates or cannot decide on hiring even from the second batch of candidates. In that case, you will need to sign up for the service again so that we can continue to look for a suitable candidate for you.

What happens if I am unsatisfied with the virtual employee I choose for my business?

If you do not wish to continue with the employee you select for some reason, we can shortlist and choose another three candidates for you within 10 days of hiring the previous one. Further, we can also arrange a few meetings so that you can select another suitable candidate utterly free of cost. However, if you make this decision after the 10 days of hiring the previous candidate, you will have to sign up for the service again if you want to use our service to find another virtual staff member. Kindly note that we do not offer a money-back guarantee in any circumstances.

Is there any hourly rate for VEs?

Since we are on a mission to provide you with a virtual employee who can establish a long-lasting working relationship with you, we would like to suggest you not go for an hourly rate. It is always a better option to offer a monthly fixed rate depending upon the job profile’s skills, tasks, and experience. To get more insights on the updated information on suggested salary guidelines and tips, download our free guide to help you.

Will I get any other type of developers apart from WordPress?
Currently, we do not source for any other developer aside from WordPress. Since there are very high demand and rate in the market for other developers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to find the same.
Can I find a bilingual VE for my business?

We do not have bilingual virtual employees at the moment.

Do you provide a discounted rate for regular clients?
Yes, we offer a discounted rate for our returning clients. It means that if you plan to sign up multiple times in the future, kindly let us know so that we can share the discounted link with you.
How many VAs can I hire?
You can hire three candidates per sign up. However, a single sign up is usually sufficient for one role.
Are there any affiliated programs available with you currently?
No, we do not have any affiliated program in place at the moment.
Do you provide virtual employees who work part-time?

We provide the same, but most candidates usually go for full-time and long-term job roles. However, you can also offer a full-time job position to a virtual employee shortly, but please note that it is specified in your job description.

Do you offer any discount for hiring multiple virtual employees?

No, we do not offer discounts for hiring multiple virtual employees. Though we provide discounted rates for our returning clients depending upon the requirements. Please understand that the process of hiring a virtual employee is not easy as it seems. A lot more goes into the process, such as searching for candidates, looking for job boards, freelancing websites, other job portals, shortlisting applicants’ profiles, conducting interviews, working on differences, etc.

How will I pay my VE, and what is the standard payment criteria?

You can use various platforms to pay your virtual employee. The most popular and frequently used is PayPal. Home-based general virtual assistants usually accept $250-$300 per month for part-time work, which goes to $500-$600 per month for a full-time job role. For more information on this, you can go through our free salary guide available at the end of this page.

What are the guidelines for security?
There is no universal way that can be used to work with virtual staff. During the initial period, try to take up all the precautions and build trust slowly before sharing any essential credentials or sensitive information about your business. We hope you understand the peculiarities involved here!
Can I expect my VA to work as per my preferred hours or time zone?
Yes, absolutely. We select the candidates who are open to working with flexibility depending upon the details and schedule you have specified to them. However, we always recommend you to communicate the same with your assistant in the meantime.
When should I ideally pay if, and when I hire a new VE?

As per our model, you do not pay directly to your virtual employee but you make payment to us following the prepay system. This allows us to take care of the administrative and overhead charges along with the salary of the virtual employees. This includes offering your virtual employee a workspace, transport, internet, etc. to scale up his/ her work efficacy.

Do I have to provide health insurance to my VE?

You can provide the same as it is at your option. However, we strongly suggest you discuss the same with your virtual employee, preferably after a trusted duration. The cost of health insurance varies, but you can always discuss the same with your VE and research on any possible options if available.

Which tasks can a global virtual employee handle?

A general virtual employee is usually responsible for administrative tasks. To have a better insight into the job roles and responsibilities of a VE from VGS, you can go through the details here.

Can I expect a GVA to handle calling services?
You can definitely ask them for the task. However, make sure that you do not pass the requirement for too many calls since the country’s internet connection speed may fluctuate, which may cause inconvenience during the work.
What are your policies regarding holidays?

We do not have any particular structure for holiday policies. It entirely depends on your agreement with your virtual employee as to which days will be off. You can agree on whether your VE is comfortable with the Indian holidays or your preferred ones. Please note that in India, employees are paid double when they are required to work on public holidays. For this reference, you can take a look at the list here.

When should I offer a salary increase, and what is the right time to do so?
It can depend on when you decide to evaluate the performance of your assistant. Most employers prefer to offer and increase after 4 to 5 months of employment. Further, the second round of evaluation is done in the 6th month of work. However, this can also depend on the company policy you follow or whenever you feel it is right to offer a salary hike.
If you are still stuck with any question in your mind regarding our service, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. We promise we will get back to you within 24 hours. However, weekends can be an exception here. You can reach out to our team by mailing them here.