Sales and marketing

When you decide to have your sales and marketing team, you are actually making a smart move. The sales and marketing people are equipped with a special part of eyeglasses that help them convert the audience into hot leads and gradually into paying customers.
Their every strategy revolves around customers, after all, customers have the key to sales, revenue, and business growth. So, if you have been looking for a perfect sales and marketing team for your venture, you have landed in the right place.

Sales and marketing services we offer

Your business deserves nothing but the best. Then, how can you not choose the best sales and marketing team for it?

Sales strategy

Sales are all about convincing your prospects to buy your products or services, and a well-planned sales strategy will help you do that. Our sales team will leave no stone unturned to deliver a strategy that gives you and your business the maximum ROI.

Social media marketing

Get custom social media marketing plan to build your brand awareness, get more leads, connect with your audience, and generate revenue from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and more.

Email marketing

Emails have always been a great way to nurture growth, build relationships, get leads and grow your business. Our email marketing experts will efficiently leverage your most valuable marketing assets: your growing audience.

PPC campaign management

Our PPC campaign management team will create strategies that are granular and optimized to target the right audience base at the right time for maximum conversions. If your current PPC campaign is not getting your results, try us – you won’t be disappointed!

B2B sales

Increase your B2B sales with our outsourced sales team and get verified leads that match your target market. From leads to closing deals, our sales team will be guiding you for the best outcomes.

Digital marketing

Our team works with you to generate customized digital marketing strategies that perfectly align with your business requirements. Rather than just executing the strategies blindly, our team will understand your market and goals for better returns.

SEO marketing

Looking to build your organic rankings, attract tons of natural links, and boost your website’s traffic? Our SEO marketing team is here to do it for you. With years of experience, they know how to give the desired results to the clients.


Our sales and marketing services are backed by professionals who are experts in their fields

Years of Experience

At Virtual Global Staff, we are competitively agile and put in our best shot to meet the customer demands. The professional team is innovative, goal-oriented, and flexible to carve a niche efficiently.

Industry-specific strategies

Each business is different, and so are the business requirements. Then how can you have the same sales and marketing strategy for every business? We understand each business operates in a totally distinct manner, that’s why we create fully customized industry-specific strategies to fulfill your business requirement.

Data-driven strategies

We don’t believe in actions that are shot in the dark. Our team, therefore, analyses the market, understands your niche, checks what your competitors are doing while creating strategies for your next campaign. Each of our actions is backed by data and numbers so that you can see what exactly is happening.

Best ROI on strategies

At VGS, we know that every investment that you make has a goal behind it. Cost optimization is a crucial concern, and therefore, we try to offer strategies that offer the best return on investments. You will generate decent revenue from each of your campaigns and strategies.


What sets us apart from others in the market is


We offer premium services at pocket-friendly prices so that your budget and other business process do not suffer.


Get control of all aspects of the project – color, design, type, and everything else – for enhanced transparency.


We are extremely serious about our projects and adhere to all the stipulated deadlines – without any fail!